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How To Conduct Successful Webinar for Professional & Business Growth?

Grandmother starts to tell a story for sleeping the children….

“Once there was a time, People came together for meeting in large numbers without wearing mask .

They did shake hands and hug each other .

They interacted so closely without any social distancing.

There was no untouchability anywhere…

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Life after covid 19

Then, covid 19 virus hit hardly to the world.

People had to end their social life and sit back at home.

They started using webinar for business , educational, spiritual ,political purposes.

Even Spiritual healers , Astrologers , Palm Readers ,Ghost hunters– all were  safely moved to online meeting.

Then  webinar became a common word and practice all over the world “

Grandmother stopped the story telling as children had slept already.

People may said these like stories for the next  curious generation after some years.

The next generation will realize that there was a different social life for previous generations..

There was a life without mask , social distancing and frequent sanitization…

However, several people are still wondering about webinar .

How to conduct a webinar?

What are the benefit of webinars ?

What are the webinar platforms ?

How to choose a webinar software?

This article is the answer for these common questions.

My Journey with webinar

In 2019 , I attended several sales  webinars .

Before that , I attended lot of weeked seminars .

Almost every Sunday, I went to nearby hotels to attend seminar .

In Ahmedabad, lot of mentors and coaches arranged lot of free seminar.

At the end ,there was a catch of  selling .

Most of the program were very costly .

The fee was more than one lakh and above .

Some of them shared the secret of coaching & selling in seminar.

One business coach from Mumbai said :

“Invite 100 people in hotel . After the one day free presentation minimum 10% people will join the program .

Arrange free meeting every Sunday . Continue for several years. You will become rich enough.”-

I was skeptical about the return of the investment .

So did not join any programs.

In 2019 , I came across a webinar invitation advertisement .

A picture of a tired coach sitting back at the car was included in the facebook ad.

It became curious about the webinar.

I realized that webinar is a great platform to connect the people from different locality .

No travel . No hotel booking . No need of additional staff.

I joined the program that cost me nearly Rs 5 ,000.

I studied webinar and selling formula .

Same time ,I kept my job in a corporate hospital .

In 2020 , Covid -19 and followed Lockdown were hit in India.

I was the Course Coordinator of a Clinical Research program.

Several students joined for regular program before starting covid .

However, no way to conduct the class & promote the program.

I suggested webinar  to the management as an alternative option.

At the initial days , the management was very doubtful about the benefit of webinar .

However, I managed to conduct one webinar

I found a webinar platform Demio that offered a 14 day free trial option.

I set up a webinar .

webinar  image

On the day of webinar , the management people and course faculty team joined the webinar.

I placed an advertisement in facebook with low budget.

I could not know how may people registered as the registration page is not available for free plan..

I started webinar with full energy .

However, no outsider was attended the webinar

Only our staff and faculty were present.

“Webinar system is fine .But from where to get attendees?”- Management people enquired

No answer to that question at that time.

Then i moved to another free webinar platform to Click Meeting .

Select free option of 25 attendees.

After conducting some webinar, moved to Easy Webinar platform for better experience.

From here onwards , we got more registrations.

And course faculties got familiar with new platform .

One new online batch started with help of webinar .

After noticing some difficulties , i moved to another platform -Webinar Ninja

This time i got permission to buy subscription plan of webinarNinja.

Now ,the organization is conducting the 5th Batch of course program with the help of webinars.

Why WebinarNinja?

There are several reasons to select the webinarNinja.

– Easy to create a webinar

– Public & private webinar option.

-Automatic webinar recording and send to participants.

-Automated webinar option

-Paid webinar option

-Cost effective .

-No need of download the the software to join

-Option for multiple presenters.

What is webinar ?

The word webinar is the short form of web- seminar.

It is an online meeting platform .

People from different location can join the meeting .

No difficulty of travel , No pandemic risk.

Only you need an internet connection with a computer or a mobile phone.

How to join a webinar?

You have to register the webinar.

Once you provide your name , email and other required details , you will get a joining link by email.

You can join the webinar and ask queries for clarification by using chat box.

You can on camera and speak if you are invited by the presenter.

video call, online meeting ,webinar
Online meeting

How to set up a webinar ?

Firstly, you have to decide the objective of the webinar.

Why you are conducting webinar?

The answer is your objective.

Webinar can be conducted for meeting, training, brand building , sales , lead generation (Collecting the contact details of the potential customers) , authority

building and influence building .

According  the objective of the webinar , the approach  and the presentation of the webinar should be different.

A sales webinar presentation is different from a staff training webinar .

For getting the desired result , the presenter should be prepared accordingly.

Title of the webinar .

The titles of the webinar is very crucial for getting more number of registration.

A catchy , precise and target oriented title is essential .

How to get a job in 90 days without a college degree?

How to get a job – Catchy and precise words.

Without college degree- Target audience is clearly defined.

An overview of getting job for non degree holders- what about this tittle?

This lifeless title can kill the all efforts to conduct a successful webinar.

Now you can generate strong title and check the strength of the title with applications.

You can check the title strength by using the application of coschedule.com

Time  and Date .

Convenient time & date of attendees  are very  important for the successful completion of webinar.

For conducting international webinar, time zone has to be considered .

For Indian audience 9 pm is a better option for sales webinar .

Most of the decision makers are at home in that time.

As per some studies ,Wednesday ,Thursday are considered more suitable for webinars.  .

However, Sunday evening is another option if you are targeting working people.

There is no hard and fast rule for time & date .

No one size fit for all.  It varies from the purpose & convenience of attendees.

How to promote webinar ?

Start webinar promotion one month before .

Least promotional duration is two week.

For good number of registration ,one month is more preferable.

If you have great number of email list , then half job is done

You can send personalized email about webinar.

Automated email can be generated with the help of the applications like Convertkit ,Mailchimp, Getresponse

Social media posting , facebook ,Instagram, google advertisement can be done for getting new registrations.

Make a great presentation for the webinar .

Use more picture and less text .

Practice several times .

The webinar system will send reminder notification automatically.

Make sure uninterrupted internet connection & power supply.

A land line net connection is more effective than wifi connection.

Once the webinar is started , make a personal connection with attnedees.

Call the name of participants :

“Hello ,Anjun , welcome to the webinar.

Which place you are from ?

Please stay with till end of the program.

A special bonus gift will be given at the end of the webinar

A question answer session is also there.

Please note down your queries and put on chat box .

we will answer your all queries”

You can conduct a poll before starting the webinar to know more about the participants.

At the end , a free downloadable material can given to the participants .

The webinar should be wind up with a thank you note to all participants .

If you are conducting a sales webinar , then ending part will be attached the sales part .

You can offer special webinar discount and set a timer also.

Make scarcity and urgency to take action for participants .

After the webinar , a follow up mail can be sent to participants .

All email leads are potential to become a customers in future.

Those attended the webinar are the warm leads .

It can be turned as hot leads gradually by providing additional information.

what is the best webinar software ?

The following question to be answered firstly:

What is your monthly /yearly budget?

What is the waiting room experience for your viewers?

How many presenters you need at one time?

How high-quality is the audio/Audio?

How many viewers can you present at a time?

How easy for viewers to join the meeting?

Whether they need to download the software to join the meeting?

What objective you are going to achieve? Sales , Brand building , staff training…

Once you got the answers for above questions , you can search for a webinar platform.

Webinar Platform

The following are the some of webinars software available in the market.

Each platform has its own special features .

1. WebinarJam

2. WebinarNinja

3. Demio

4. Easywebinar

5. Gotowebinar

6. Zoom

7. Clickmeeting

8. Bigmarker

9. Googlehangout

10. Webex

You can visit each platform and select one as per your requirement.

Benefit of webinar

Webinar is a platform to make brand building , authority , lead generation , training, sales and marketing.

You can provide immense value to the viewers by conducting webinar.

Don’t use it as just a sales tool.

Sales will come naturally , if everything is aligned properly.

Make the presentation as a memorable event to the participants.

Stay connected with the participants by providing additional information .

The results will be amazing beyond your wild dreams.

If You want to learn more , you can register my upcoming free webinar on 8 August at 5 pm


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