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How to Create WordPress Blog? 10 Awesome Benefits

Lest me share the story of a farmer before starting WordPress blog.

Once a farmer planted a Chinees Bamboo .

He watered the ground everyday .

And also fertilized for several years.

For last five year, there was no growth visible in the bamboo plant.

The plant always seems in the ground level.

Nearby people called the farmer as foolish person.

And advised several times to give up .

However, the farmer continued his job .

After five years , it broke through the ground and grew 90 feet tall in five weeks …!

This kind of surprising growth is the best example for blogging.

I have written this article for the people who are thinking to give up the blogging due lack growth.

Don’t expect instant miracle in blogging .

There no such thing like viral blog .

Blogging and patience go hand in hand.

However, if you do blogging consistently , the result will be amazing .

The benefit of blogging is described in this article.

The initial years , you may not see any visible growth.

However, you have to continue the job .

At one point if time , the cumulative results can be visible .

The traffic to the website will be grown fast.

Your brand authority brigs more traffic and blog post gets better ranking in the search engine.

More organic traffic ( Search traffic ) brings again better raking , then more visitors .

If you advertisement revenue & brand popularity will be grown like a bamboo tree .

Blogging growth happening is not an accidental or a miraculous incident.

Consistency is the key of blogging success .

What is blog ?

Blogs are a type of frequently updating web sites . A blog can be its own existence or is can be the part of a big website .

In word press , you can have the both option . The post option indicates for blog .

The page option can used for the static information in the website -like about us, contact us , author information…

wordpress website post admin
wordpress website post admin

The above word press blog , you can see lot of blog post details under head of posts.

Under the media option , the page also visible that can be created about information of website -like contact us page.

How to create wordpress blog ?

1.Find out web hosting company.

Some popular companies- Bluehost , hostiger, wpx..

Pick- up domain name

Some well known companies- names.com, namescheap.com, godaddy.com

You can make a personal blog by using your name .

several extensions are available like- .com, .net , .org

com extension better than others for long run.

if your name is not available , then do some tweak on name with your profession.

My domain is peterwebinar.com .

Here, Peter is my name . Webinar training & training marketing is my profession.

For personal branding , the name should be your own name .

You can’t hide behind a company name , if you want to make a brand authority in the market.

People don’t like to interact with company logos.

They like connection with humans.

2. Find a web hosting server.

Several web hosting companies are providing hosting services.

bluehost.com, hostinger.com, wpx.org are the popular service provders.

You can select domain name and hosting service from the same company .

You can also choose domain name and hosting service from different companies.

But , you have to integrate with each other .

It needs some technical knowledge .

All web hosting companies have option for automatic installation of word press .

Once the word press installation is completed , then you can add some plugins to add the functionality of the word press.

What is WordPress Plugin?

Plugins are the parts of software that provide better functionality .

More than 50,000 plugins are available in word press .

wordpress  website  Plugin admin area
WordPress website Plugin admin

Some are free . Some are premium ( to be paid)

By clicking on plugin button , we add new plugins .

There are several plugins for SEO , Security, Social media back up, Speed purposes.

Having too many plugins on your website is not a good work. Too much plugins can lead to security breaches , site crash , bad performance , slow speed.

A good rule is not exceed 20 plugins. Site Kit by google – This plugin will help to analyze the traffic to the site . Yoast SEO – It is an SEO plugin to take care

of your blog’s on page SEO. Rank Math SEO is another alternative WP SEO pluginElementor website builder – A drag and drop page builder that lets you

build complex designs using simple drag and drop.

Some Popular WordPress plugins:

1. Akismet Anti-Sapm– The spam can contaminate your website and backend files by comments or contact form submissions. This plugin blocks the spam

comments and spam in contact forms.

2.Really simple SSL– A SSL secured sites will begin with https://. Moving your site to https is a great way to make it more secure for both you and the

visitors. It also help to avoid the danger warning of Not Secure to users . Non secured website URL starts with http:// . Nobody likes to interact with

unsecured website even search engine also.

3.Updraft Plus – Word press Back up plugin . One of the free backup plugin with over one million active installations. Your blog will be vulnerable even if you

installed security plugins. A back up plugin is necessary.

4.Everest Forms – While publishing blogs , readers may be wanted to contact you to ask questions . If you have contact form , that would be great. Everest

Forms is one of the best plugins.

5.Easy Social Sharing – A social media plugin that enables your readers to share content in their social media channels.

6.Jet pack – Provides various site statistics , spam filtering, malware scanning..

7.Thirsty Affiliates– You can monetize the blog with help of this plugin.

8.User Registration– You can add new registration or login option for users. The logged-i users can explore and use more features of the site like react and

comment in the blog post .

9.WpDiscuz– Easy way to increase interaction with readers by adding the comment section.

10.Smush– To compress your images without quality on blogs , this plugin will be helpful.

11.NextGen Gallery– To improve blog design and make it attractive , this plugin will be helpful

12.WooCommerce– Blogs are also used to promote and sell products. If you want to sell products through blogs , you can use this plugin.

13.Newsletter– You can build unlimited amounts of newsletters and trach them with this plugin.

14.Mailchimp– One of the popular email marketing plugin .You can manage subscribers ,send mails and trach results. ConvertKit is also another best


15.WP Super Cashe : A caching plugin reduce the loading time of your blog. It creates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blogs and provides

those files instead of heavier PHP scripts.

16.C0-Authors Plus– If your blog has multiple authors, this plugin can manage author names for the particular blog post.

17.CSS Hero– It helps you to make changes to the theme with just a point and click interface. It has multiple color management and adjustment functions.

18.Popup Marker : This plugin allows you to create any type of popup you like and permits you display anywhere on the blog.

19.Elementor – A page builder plugin. Highly customizable design options for your blogs. Fully responsive and accessible on mobile devices also.

20.Ajax Search Lite– It helps the readers search for topic in the website.

What is WordPress Theme?

Selecting a website theme is always challenging and time consuming.

There are thousands of free and paid themes are available in word press.

The visual appearance of your WordPress blog is controlled by themes.

Theme is the overall look ,feel and style of the website.

A word press theme always change the design of the website .

Theme is what a visitor sees , when browse on the web.

A theme is more than color and lay out . It improves the user engagement and experience.

Word press themes are the collection of different files that works together to create what you see .

The difference between themes and Plugins.

A theme control the presentation of the content.

A plugin control the behavior and features of the website.

You can see themes under the by clicking the appearance button

wordpress website themes admin
wordpress website themes admin

How to choose a right theme ?

You have to choose the theme as per the requirement of the blog or website .

Theme should be different as per the target visitors – A website for children , company and spiritual organization should have different themes .

Before selecting the theme , it is very important to determine what kind of features you are looking for.

The color of the theme , size of fond , responsive in different devices , paid or free theme – all keep in mind .

Following are the free popular themes.

Brief history of word press .

In 20021 , A French Programmer Michael Valdrighi launched B2-Cafelog as blogging platform.

Two years later , Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg co-founded the WordPress Platform.

WordPress 0.7 was born in 2003.

Today , Word Press is used by 40 % of of all the websites in the world.

What are benefit of WordPress website ?

1.Simple and very easy– No need to deal with any coding . A non -techy person can make a website .

2.Stable and Innovative– Like our phone , word press continues up- to- date with latest technology

3.Attractive design options– Thousands of attractive themes and many of them free are allowing customize and personalize the designs.

4.Flexibility – More than 50,000 plugins are available as per the need of users.

5.Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) – All -In-One-SEO-Pack , Platinum SEO pack , Yoast WordPress SEO ,Rank Math Pro are the most popular SEO plugins.

6.Sharing ability – Lot of social media sharing plugins are available that helps to better reach of your article .

7.Open Source– Source Code is available for modification by anyone.

8.Functionality– Themes & Plugins make it easy to customize website and improve the user experience.

9.Support– Word press community includes thousands of technicians and voluteers offering free advice and support

10.Speed and efficiency– Anybody can make a website with undivided attention of 10 hours.

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