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What Is Local SEO? How to do local SEO ? 11 Instant Winning Tips

Local SEO ,bakery shop

Do you believe that Local SEO marketing strategy saved a local bakery shop

from shut down ?

Read the story of John in short words for clear all doubts.

John return back to home from abroad after completing 15 years

job in a shop

He started a bakery shop nearby home town with all his life earnings.

The location was very prominent.

The look of the shop was great .

The the employees are very service oriented.

The all bakery item was very sweet and tasty .

There was no other bakery to compete with john.

The next bakery was located at 15 kg away .

John started the bakery with high hope. Everything looked great ..

However, the number of visitor to the shop was not so great .

People go the bakery shop that was away from 15 Kg the John’s shop .

Why people missed his shop even though his bakery shop offers

tasty items with low price?

Day by day , the amount of disappointment was mounted .

Some family members suggested to john for meeting an astrologer

for knowing the star position.

With doubtful mind john visited astrologer and spent a good

amount of money .

The astrologer advised him to do a pooja for 30 days to clear

the bad influence of star.

However, after 30 days there was no improvement in sales .

At last John decided to close the shop and return back to abroad .

Once day one of his old school friend visited his shop .

He is a professional digital marker for several years .

The John shared his disappointment to his friend .

The friend requested to John for a chance to help him.

John agreed . He provided the required information & photos to the friend

After one month , people started to come his shop .

Day by day the number increased .

Sales went double within one month

What was the magical reason?

No idea for John .

After six month , John’s shop was very famous in that locality .

John dropped the plan to return back to abroad .

He became a very happy & stayed with his lovely family – wife & two children .

John called the friend asked what did he do for this magical business turn.

“I did a right local SEO for your business “

Whether local SEO can be a magical remedy for a dying business?

Yes. John’s shop is the best example.

What is local SEO ?

SEO, local SEO

Local SEO is the process to optimize the online presence that helps the people to find in online

and interact with offline.

It process of improving search engine visibility for local business.

A local SEO always has a local geographical component that means your physical place .

This is mainly good for business which needs local presence in online

and get customers offline.

Google My Business

The best and easy part to do local SEO is to list your business into

Google My Business ( GMB).

You can create an account for Google My Business by yourself .

If you feel that your are not good in this job , you can seek the help of a SEO professional .

Include all your business details – Business name , Address & Phone number .

The google will verify your address details by sending post card not by email .

If Google can verify the business as authentic, the search engine

will reward your business with a sidebar

space in Google local search.

Once account is created , you can start post about your business events & picture .

Suppose -the special festival occasions like Christmas , Diwali .

If you have a bakery shop , you can post several pictures of the

special cakes & sweets.

When people search bakery nearby , your shop will be visible in search .

They can see your special items and visit your shop .

By using google map , they can easily find your shop .

You can ask for your clients to do a review also .

That review will be very helpful for getting more clients to your shop .

Positive reviews can make your business flourish easily .

Nowadays , people look reviews in google before the buying decisions.

Once you get the review , the you have to reply in a professional manner.

Respond authentically to reviews, specifying location.

The following model reply can be used .

“We appreciate your feedback on our service in Ahmedabad , Gujarat . We

value your input and look forward to working with you again.

Thank you from the Digital Spark team.”

Reviews & reply are the good signals for local SEO.

Same treat is applicable for negative review also.

Create a website

Having a website is a good idea for business growth & trust building.

You can create a website by using the Google My Ousiness option .

However, you can add your own website also .

That will benefit to get visitors though Google My Business search

An appealing website is a great idea for improving your online presence .

After the pandemic , the buying behavior of the people are changed drastically .

Everybody loves to do purchase with help of online.

Online presence is applicable for online & offline business .

Running a business without online presence is disastrous .

It is like try to drive a car with a punctured tyre

The study says that more than 50 % business search is related to local search .

So local presence in online is very crucial for business success.

Winning Tips for ranking local SEO

1.Complete & optimized google my business ( GMP)Make sure all required

information are provided .

2.Business name , Address & Phone number are very critical . In short ,we are saying

( NAP ). The NAP should be same , when you added the local business directories

If you add different phone number & address that will confuse the google

algorithm . It will badly affect the ranking position also.

3.Primary & Secondary Categories . Primary section can be educational then

secondary may be training center. Proper information to be included to identify

your business by search engines .

4.Consistent & Accurate citations . All information were added should same in all

online directories & websites . If any change happens , it will affect the the

ranking & visibility.

5.Citations from authoritative websites. Your linking should be from industry

reputed websites .

6.Authority of your website . Your website should be relevant to your website &

have a good industry reputation.

7.Back link profile of your website . The quality of your link to other websites are

important . Backlink to unknown website will not be helpful.

8.Location name . You have to add location name in your Google My Business

page – Eg : Digital Marketing Service In Ahmedabad . Local component is the

integral part of the local SEO.

9.Review ,Ratings & reply .

10.Proximity to City . Your proximity to City is also a factor . The more you away from

city the more you down in searching

11.Proximity of the searcher . If your searcher is nearby by you , then a high chance

for your business to high positioning.

Additional Tips.

1. Perform a local SEO audit

2. Add location page to website

3. Crate a content for local people and post

4. Ensure website is mobile friendly

5. Join in your local community online group .

6. Create a beautiful google my business page to all your social media

Local SEO Tools

1. Moz Local

2. Screaming Frog

3. Ahrefs

4. Bright Local

Final Take away

Local SEO has a great potential to tap for business .

All business needs local SEO support .

However, very few are lucky to get this information & support.

A study says more than 56 % medium business & local business are

still lacking the local SEO.

They are losing clients and drained with cashflows .

Their competitors armed with local SEO take the customers

This an untapped business opportunity in India .

Ignorance of Local SEO is hurting several business owners like John .

This is a skill that can be acquired by anybody with practice & guidance .

You can be one . A hungry market awaits you.

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