Website Traffic : 15 Killer SEO Tips for Top Ranking

For Local SEO performance  You can list your business to google my business. 

Once you successfully add the required business information to google my business website ,you can include your website link  . People come from local search , will land up in  your website also.

More than 50% web search comes from local search . So no business person  can  ignore the importance of local SEO

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is Website Traffic ?

The number of people visits your website is called website traffic. You can count the traffic by using Google Analytics

It is a web analytic that  shows the  number  visitors , where they are coming from, how they interact with the content.

2. Why Website Traffic is Important?

Website traffic is important for several reason. The more traffic to your website converts into more opportunities of sales and brand awareness.  

3. How to attract visitors to a website?

Write quality content frequently . People search for unique , relevant & recent content to address for their needs. Great contents always attract visitors . 

4.What is the role of SEO in website traffic?

The SEO performance of the website decides the ranking of the website .Search engines can identify the content and listed for searchers.  Better SEO means better ranking .

5.How to do  website health audit?

You can identify the website health  ( SEO performance ) by using free or paid tools-   . A free application is available –Screaming frog

6. What is local SEO?

Listing your business  details in Google My Business & online local directories are called local SEO. More than 50% traffic comes  into websites from local search.

7. Why need a website?

A website will improve your credibility &  brand . A website to can help to show case  your product or service across the world.  A great opportunity for doing local , national & international.

8. Why we you word press for  website?

More than 75 million  word press  websites are available in the internet space.

Word free is free to install and upgrade. Thousands of plugins and templets are available that reduces development cost and time.

9.  What is SEO in digital marketing?

SEO stands for search engine optimization that a marketing strategy to bring traffic to website and improve the website ranking. Update with high quality content is one of the best way for SEO performance.

10.  How to sent automated mail?

We can send endless automated mail by using paid & free applications. The  application  can send personalized  mail  at a time .

The following are popular email service applications:




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