Digital Marketing : Why So Important Now ?

Last Saturday , i received a call from an old school friend after along time.

In school days . i was all time first place in studies . After B.Tech i got dream job in an engineering company.

And settled with marriage . Wife and two kids with me in a city flat. Everything was well till hitting the corona .

Last year ,i have lost my job. My father lost last month after a long battle with corona. i lost my all earning to save the life of my father .

I dont know what to do ? My home loan is pending for last 3 months. I know you are in the digital marketing field several years.

Can i enter into digital marketing field ? I know every business is moving into digital world.

Please help me . waiting for your reply soon .”

These words of old school mate touched my heart deeply that broke my sleep two days.

In School days, he was a role model for all students.

I decided that to write a blog that will be helpful for several people who want to enter into digital marketing field.

This call underline the importance digital marketing.

This article will give you an insight about the depth and benefits of digital marketing.

What is digital marketing? why digital marketing so important? How to do digital marketing ?

You can find the answer for these frequently asked questions in digital platforms.

What is digital marketing

Digital marketing is the act of promoting products or services with help of digital devices or technology.

Digital technologies and media include:

  • Company websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Social media company pages
  • Search Engines
  • Advertising
  • Email and automation

When Digital Marketing ?

Digital marketing  after  the product making
Digital marketing begins before making product .

A common perception is that digital  marketing activity starts

after the creation of product & service.

And most of the people do also.

They firstly create a product or service .

Then start digital  marketing and chasing for customer.

They failed to create a class one product as per the need of


A bad product or service makes bad mouth publicity .

Good marketing only helps for negative review and bad

mouth publicity which kills the product quickly .

The loss of the product owner accumulates .

At last ,he went out of the market with burning hands…

Why digital marketing is important?

Digital Marketing starts with understanding the

customer and customer needs that leads to creating a

product which fits in the  market.

No marketing person can sell an unfit product .

Digital Marketing helps to discover the product to the

needy people.

Digital Marketing helps to keep existing customers

happy by communicating with them , so that they can

remain as a customer for life long.

The purpose of digital marketing is to build a brand and

capture the minds of customers.

Digital marketing process

The ultimate aim of marketing is to know and understanding the customer so well to know how the

product and service fit him well.

The world famous marketing guru Peter Drucker says:

“The aim of marketing is to know and understanding the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself”

When a product or service starts to sell itself is the beginning of the success of product .

Repeated customer is the backbone of every business.

A satisfied customer will always refer a product to others by word of mouth.

A product moves in the market without marketing support.

This point of time , the marketing cost will be cut down.

Never let marketing become more important than product.

A great product sells itself.

A great product converts the customer into brand ambassadors .

Their mouth marketing is the best marketing .

Advertising , word of mouth, copy writing, sales , branding are the components of marketing.

What  are the digital marketing strategies?

Digital marketing strategies

One of the  well known strategy is brand building.

Strong brand does not always number one, It always be only one.

Google is the best example. Xerox, Google , Zoom are brand names which have become verbs…!

If anybody tries to make a browser to compete with google is almost impossible because of the market

share & brand value.

It is possible ,If google fails to deliver best service.

Better way for competing with google is to take the position of category leadership- like Practo browser for

doctors .

Choose a hungry market & became the leader of that category.

Deciding of where to compete is the half success.

If not able to compete in main category , pick up a sub category.

Car is a general category . Enter into a general category of car market and get market attention is very difficult .

Choose a sub category of luxury — Like BMW.

Or Sub category of safety-Volvo…

In every field , it is applicable.

People remember number one brand always .

The first person landed in the moon ?

Most of the people remember .

How many of them remember the second person?

Very less People.

Every market becomes into two player market in the long run.

Forget the 3 ,4 , 5 positions…

Enter into a compete market with a unique position.

Only enter into compete market as there is buyers.

Following are the other  digital marketing strategies apart from the  branding strategy.

  • SEO.
  • PPC.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Voice SEO.
  • Video Marketing.

What all is included in the digital marketing ?

Digital Marketing education has long shelf life.

It is rooted in the human psychology and understanding the market.

Marketing is a perception.

A perception can not be created by a Robot.

It can only do by human .

A programming language may be outdated .

But, marketing fundamentals still remain every time as it is related to human mind.

Marketing was started as a topic since the dawn of civilization- when the first market squares appeared in

the first village.

Marketing is the most valuable instrument in a business because it gives direct return .

Everything like production , HR, Accounting Administration are expenses .

But ,marketing gives direct return of interest (ROI) to the owner.

Marketing can not be outsourced completely by a marketing agency .

The founder should be a marketer.

The founder has to strategize the marketing process .

The execution part of marketing can be delegated.

The person who knows how to market & sell is in a safe career &business.

Nobody can fire a great sales person .

No businessman will be out of market who knows digital marketing principles very well

Digital marketing : webinar
Digital communication

Digital  marketing is all about good communication.

Good communication doesn’t care about vocabulary & grammar.

Whether the marketer transfer the thoughts effectively to the customer is only the matter.

Write like talk.

Join the conversation in the people’s mind and

understand their problems & concerns.

Imagine a person walks on a street during heavy rain without an umbrella.

“What a damn rain… ? When it stops”…The person may think like that.

A conversation can start related to rain for immediate connect with that person.

Price of crude oil is not a better subject for a starting conversation in this situation.

digital marketing  set up

New paper ,Magazine , TV and Radio are the example

of traditional marketing. If the product is very generic with wide range , traditional marketing is effective.

A TV advertisement can reach millions of people at low cost.

Digital marketing is the best medium to reach the affluent English speaking people.

Digital marketing sales
Digital marketing sales

Wealth = Niche CATT

Niche is the Category of business that points to a hungry market.

C stands for content.

A strong message is transformed by the form of content

Content marketing is the buzz word in the digital marketing field.

It can be in the form of blog , social media post , video , lead

magnet, live webinar.

A stands for attention

Getting attention of customer is very crucial for marketing success.

We are living in an attention deficit world. Everybody is trying to get

attention of respective market.

Attention is money .

To create a digital community that will be helpful for

immediate attention.

Blogging , You tube videos ,face book group ,

Instagram are the medium for creating a community.

T stands for trust ..

Without gaining the trust of customer , nobody can sell


A trusted digital community is the big asset for

marketing & selling.

The last T stands for Transformation.

Once the trust is made , the selling is easy .

A sales copy will take care the transformation of selling.

Digital marketing brings digital money
Digital marketing brings digital money

What is the benefits of digital marketing ?

Digital marketing is the extension of marketing principles.

All business are  moving into digital form.

For connecting the people , digital medium is the best way .

All marketing principals can be implemented through digital marketing.

what is the benefits of digital marketing?

You may think about it several times .

Following are the benefits:

  • A broad geographic reach Cost efficiency
  • Quantifiable results
  • Easier personalization
  • Digital marketing has become prominent largely because it reaches such a wide audience of people
  • More connection with customers
  • Easy and convenient conversions

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what is digital marketing ?

Digital marketing is the act of promoting products or services with help of digital devices or technology.

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